Debbie Holinstat


Six members of the "survivors club" including Michael Bornstein (front, left) photographed after the war.

Michael Bornstein spotted himself in a famous photo of the liberation of Auschwitz that was mounted on museum walls, printed on the covers of historical books and played on the news. Yet he never wanted to step forward and identify himself or publicly share his story.

Then, seventy years after he was freed from the most notorious death camp in world history, Michael discovered a document that shed light on his survival. He and his daughter, broadcast news journalist Debbie Bornstein Holinstat, embarked on a journey to write his story. But even they didn't expect to learn more shocking revelations about his survival, including details of a bribery scheme, untold kindnesses of a German leader and coincidences that may best be described as "miracles".

Survivors Club is not just Michael’s story, but the story of a whole family torn apart in war. But they always shared one common trait: optimism.

Ages 10 to adults

Michael Bornstein (center) as he is carried out of Auschwitz by his grandmother Dora.