Debbie Holinstat

           Debbie Holinstat has spent her career writing for some of the biggest names in broadcast news, including Lester Holt of NBC Nightly News, CNN's Ashleigh Banfield and the Today Show's Natalie Morales. She is also a freelance corporate media coach. But her greatest professional reward has come from writing alongside her own father, Michael Bornstein, as they collaborated on Survivors Club. When her dad gave her the go-ahead to share his history publicly, neither of them knew how many surprises remained to be learned about his survival. Debbie and her entire family take comfort in knowing that as firsthand Holocaust accounts from aging survivors fade away fast – this story will not.
           Debbie did most of her writing in the middle of the night when her busy house filled with three kids, a husband and an adopted dog all slumbered. During the day, she spends much of her time freelancing at NBC and MSNBC news where she has been a producer for 17 years. Hired to cover the 2000 presidential election, Debbie spent her early years at MSNBC field-producing with Lester Holt and Suzanne Malveaux. When the election ended in a virtual tie, she raced to West Palm Beach to witness an historic “hanging chads” recount. 
         When the World Trade Center was struck by planes in New York City, Debbie sprinted downtown to meet a camera crew just as the towers collapsed. She spent months covering the terror attacks and the military deployment that followed. Field producing with Natalie Morales and other top NBC talent, she produced news packages that would air on NBC Nightly news, The Today Show and MSNBC rolling coverage.
       Debbie currently lives in New Jersey and is a media coach. She also freelances part-time at Rockefeller Plaza, helping produce political news shows and juggling her unofficial role as “operations manager” for her children, Jack, Katie and Ellie. Once an education major at Washington University in St. Louis, Debbie now spends time in schools again, speaking regularly with her father about the Holocaust. They remind listeners to always look forward, but never forget.